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Saturday on the Show Field

Moving over 600 cars onto the show field by only one entrance is no easy task but after 21 years they've got it pretty well figured out. We got there about 9:00 AM and were parked with in 10 minutes...........right between Rick Patton's home grown direct injected and supercharged TR6 and Dave Friedlander's award winning TBI TR6. This was Dave's 3rd year here and he's placed 2nd & 3rd in class so hopefully he'll move up to first this year.................and he did! To Rick's credit for producing a great product there were 4 TBI TR6's and 1 TBI Spitfire at the show. All of us with TBI cars spent a lot of time explaining the upgrade to folks and maybe Rick will get a new sale or two.

I've got over 200 pictures to post so let's get started........

This was probably the most "significant" TR6 at the show.......

By now the "smart" guys are going......'s the 2nd to last TR6 produced. I believe that Bob Tullis of Group 44 fame has the last one.

And there's only 6 cars with this factory installed "option"

I was looking at the Bill of Sale for this car, sensed someone come over to me and asked if he was the original owner.... When I looked up and saw a 30 year old...I knew it wasn't him. He told me that his Dad bought the car new and his first ride in it was as a 6 month old. His next ride in the car was the day before when his Dad got it back on the road after storing it with less then 12,000 miles on it. Dad would never say exactly why he put the car away but did say that he kept it maintained as best he could over the years.

Before getting it back on the road he did all the safety stuff with new tires, hydraulics, brakes, hoses etc. He also installed a new exhaust but still has the old one. The paint and interior looked absolutely great... as did engine bay.

And the speedometer turned 12,000 miles on the trip to Stowe
A few 3 wheel Morgans including the pretty blue 1926 Morgan Aero
Check out the details on this 80+ year old car
One of 5 on the field and 2 won awards.

Dave Friedlander completed the 3 year tri-fecta  by adding a 1st place to the previous year's 2nd & 3rd place trophies.

I never found this owner to find out what kind of seats they were.....but they fit.
Think there's a color theme going on here?
Stag owners have a sense of humor......
A real nice 1952 Triumph Mayflower

A 1970 GT6 with all the "period" correct accessories........ if you're a skier you'll understand. I felt like I was back in college looking at this stuff. This car belongs to Tim Hutchisen who has a restoration business in Maine and he uses the car as his daily runner for car parts.

Don Johnson's award wining TBI powered Spit - His first time at Stowe

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