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Car Corral















Now this is a very rare car...... I think they said there's only 4 left

Dave Hutchison of Ragtops & Roadsters brought this beautiful 1961 Italia 2000 GT Coupe

This guy got the signatures of all the factory workers who built his car!
A beautiful '72 Mini
A couple of 60's vintage Morris Minors
Remeber that '47 Bentley Special from Friday night.... here's the engine
You won't believe this next one...... the owner drove it to Stowe from Richmond Virginia!

This Rolls was in the Concours and has been at Amelia Island and Pebble Beach. It was owned by some Maharaja who used it as his hunting vehicle. That's why it has those extra lights on the front. This car is HUGE.

There were dozens of big Healeys and one took Best of Show but I like this one............ a '67 BJ8

A '62 survivor XKE..... most Jags seem to be over-restored...this one hasn't been touched

I love Sunbeam Tigers
A '74 Jensen Interceptor
And the last pictures from the Show field on Saturday is "65 AC Cobra..... replica :-(

Should we take a peek in the Car Corral to see what's for sale?