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The MGB gang is very creative and not worried about the "purists"!!

This guy races Lotuses and wanted one to just drive around!

A more modern '05 Turbo Elise Lotus where you sit on the floor directly on the floor...

A beautiful '59 Lotus Elite S1

Lots of room in a '74 Elite GT for the golf clubs.... but no passenger seat!

A '73 Europa and I like the way the transaxle sticks out behind the engine in the second picture.... you can even see the ground under it.

Beautiful '52 XK120 that was the actual car used in Jaguar's advertising and is the earliest XK120 in North America

And now to the other extreme........the Land Rover guys....

A 1963 Land Rover Forward............ whatever that means....

I guess they get hot..... lots of FatMat........

The Singer crew always dresses for the occasion.

A fun little Mini..... there were about 20 Mini's old and new

You don't see these everyday.......... a 1965 Wolseley Hornet

A mini wagon and a mini pick up truck

Remember this guy from Friday? Here's his '62 Morgan4/4 Roadster


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