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Here's a couple of different looks at how the alternator will mount to the new bracket. The first one is out of the car but in the proper orientation.

I did run into one minor problem with the bolt hole size on the alternator versus the bracket. If I used a mounting bolt that fit snuggly in the alternator, it was too big for the mounting bracket. If I used the bolt that fit properly in the mounting bracket, it left too much slop in the alternator. I tried to find an insert/sleeve for the alternator but couldn't find one properly sized. I thought about drilling out the bracket to accept a larger bolt but didn't want to risk messing up a hard-to-find part. One of the things I do for fun is string tennis rackets and build golf clubs and, as a result, I have rolls of very thing adhesive backed lead tape. A few wraps of lead tape around the bolt shaft and I had a perfect fit!

Click on any picture for a full size picture. All the full sized pictures are about 75 - 100K in size.

In the next view you're looking straight down at the alternator without the top bracket installed. It's just flopped over lying on the inner fender but it gives a clear view of the "on car" bottom mounting.

Almost done. It's time to move on to the top mounting bracket - Next