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Engine Grinding Required!

I hoped I was done with the grinding wheel but the new bracket didn't fit flush on the engine block. There's a small alignment pin that fit into a hole on the old bracket, but the new bracket only had a slot that wasn't deep enough. I could either drill out the slot or grind off the tip of the alignment pin. Seeing as I had the old grinding wheel out and ready........

Click on any picture for a full size picture. All the full sized pictures are about 75 - 100K in size.

Once the pin was ground down I installed the new bracket.....

and mounted up the alternator to find that there's a fitting for the old alternator bracket that limited the new alternator's range of motion for tightening the belt. Time for the cutting wheel.

And here's everything on the engine side all ground down

Up next is a good look at the bottom mount - NEXT