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Working in the basement for the next phase...........

The blue arrow points to the felt seal that gets installed felt side out. The red arrow points to the axle piece that goes with Uncle Jack's Stub Axles.

These are the four bolts that need to be removed to replace the rotor.

The difficulty with removing them is that there's nothing to grab on to to hold the hub in place while trying to break the bolts free. My solution was to grab a woodworking vice and clamp it on to the studs.
Then I flipped it over and clamped the clamps to the work bench. Once again I was fortunate in that none of the bolts were frozen.

Here's the hub without the rotor.

The new rotor in place with fresh split washers. I considered going with the drilled and slotted rotors but after talking to Richard Good and Ted Schumacher I decided against them. It's total overkill for street use and they are prone to squeals.
I soaked the bearings in gas and brushed them good and clean. Then I put them in a magnetic need to worry about them falling out of the dish...... and hit them with a good spray of brake cleaner.
Make sure you use bearing grease for Disc Brakes! They make different stuff for drum brakes.
There's a "certain" technique to packing bearings...........nothing fancy, actually pretty basic and I found this great "redneck" YouTube video posted by a father and daughter of how to do it.............Some humor, great dialog and he does it the right way...... except the hands could be cleaner to start!
Basically, put a big gob of grease in your CLEAN palm........... take the bearing and press or tap the wide side of the bearing down in to the grease until it pops out the top side. Keep doing this all the way around the bearing until all 360 degrees have grease coming out the top.

Grease up the bearing race and put the bearing in place. Grease is good!

The felt was cleaned and then soaked in oil...........really soaked and then tapped..... or hammered into place.

OK...................time to go back to the garage.... more here