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Sunday at The British Invasion

Sunday is a fun day at the Invasion with basically four events going on:

  1. The Competition of Colors - Instead of being grouped by marque and model you're grouped by car color: RED, WHITE, BLUE, BRITISH RACING GREEN, BLACK, TWO-TONE (for those of you who couldn't decide what color to paint your car in the first place), and RAINBOW, for all other colors not previously mentioned. Participants then vote for their favorite car by color.

  2. Tailgate Picnic Competition- A display of creativity, good food, and things British. This event has become a "Classic" and perhaps one of the best Tailgate Competitions on the East Coast! Awards will be given for "Most Elegant", "Most Creative", "Most British", "Best Costume", "Best Tasting", "Most Practical", "Most Outrageous", and "Most Humorous".
  3. Parade of Winners - The best in each class are asked to drive their car to the front of the field and tell us all about their car.
  4. Blindfold Driving Competition - The driver is blindfolded and the navigator has to give them directions through a cone "maze". Sounds simple but actually difficult and hilarious to watch.

We only stayed until noon but did manage to take a bunch of pictures and even a short video at the bottom of this page.

Don't you love people who have fun with their cars! THis is a '62 Morgan with a few "subtle" mods ;-)

Next up are some pictures from the Picnic Tailgate Competition..........some consider it pretentious and snooty but I thought these folks did a great job. I loved the way they got in character and had a theme for their picnic.

There's a little story behind these next two ladies. On the way to Stowe we ran into torrential rain for about 20 miles and passed them driving this 1951 Lea Francis Woodie Wagon while their spouses were in a 1948 Lea Francis Sport. The Wagon had roll up windows but the wipers are manually operated. The lady on the right was driving, right hand drive and hanging on with two hands for dear life. The wiper control was on her right and she rarely tried to even use it. The spouses were in the other car that had no side curtains.  It was not a good drive up for them! I saw the guys drive in, dressed a couple of mafia thugs but I never got a picture of them.

Another fun event is the Blindfolded drive through a short course lined with cones. You drive forward about 50 yards, turn left, back up and drive back through the course. Time is added for every cone knocked down. It's a BIG time penalty per cone so this is a case where the tortoise approach works best. One guy actually ran the course in a full size Land Rover!

And here's a little fun video


To watch the video, you'll first need to install the flash player.