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Car Corral

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British Invasion Car Corral

The car corral is actually a show within a show and usually attract 25 or 30 cars for sale. No For Sale signs are allowed on the show field so if you want to sell your car this is the only place you can put it. While there were some very nice cars available to buy, the prices that were being asked would lead you to believe that the economy was booming! No need for any commentary as the prices speak for themselves.........and I didn't see any sold signs on Sunday, though a few had reduced prices.

Now this next MGA needs some explanation. This guy was asked to clean out a brownstone in NYC and there was an MGA "stored" in the garage. "So lady.....what do you want to with the car"..... he asks. "Just take it, I don't want it"..... the lady responds! And that's how this MGA ended up in the Car Corral. As you'll see the car looks pretty rusty but it all appeared to be surface rust with no bubbles or holes evident. The engine turned over by hand and there were lots of MG guys discussing what it would take to restore it. When I left around noon on Sunday it was still for sale.

OK...... back to more Corral cars for sale

These two Cobras were the same price.......YIKES

Oh's a 1948 MG YA......never heard of one before now

FINALLY.............some Triumphs..... overpriced.....but Triumphs.

And then there was this "no emissions", great mileage, 1 person powered Triumph

And this was a very cool 20's Vintage Model A or maybe it was a Model T Mail Truck. It wasn't for sale and belonged to one of the vendors.

It actually came without brakes as the transmission was what stopped the car. No brakes on the front and the optional rear brake that was a band around the outside of the drum and it only worked if you were going forward. It didn't work in reverse. And those are Hickory spokes.
Interesting electrics from the plugs to the "coil" Plush interior.......