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Suede, Leather and Foam

The best part about this project is that it didn't cost me anything but $5.00 for the piano hinge. The wood was already laying around my shop while the foam and leather were left over from re-doing my interior.

The whole outside was covered in 1/8" closed cell foam to give it a little softness. This was just glued on with the same contact cement I used on my interior panels. You cover both pieces with cement and wait a minute or two for it to dry to a sticky (not wet) feel. Then you line everything up and press it together.

I left a cut out area for the hinge but I really could have foamed over that section too.
With the wood top in place

And the top got some 1/4" closed cell foam and 1/2" upholstery foam which is much softer then the closed cell foam.

My next dilemma was what to line the inside with. I thought about using felt or vinyl or cork or........ well I decided to "Pimp My Ride" by gluing my leather in with the suede side out. My wife wrinkled up her nose when I suggested it but ended up liking it in once she saw the end result.

Five pieces: two sides. two ends and one bottom

The sides go in first and wrap over the floor, then the end pieces and lastly the bottom piece. It's a good thing I have small hands because there's not much room in there to work.

The arrow points to the shelf that covers the handbrake.

The foam's in place and the inside is lined so it's time to sew some more leather..........