Blind Moose Tube Shock Conversion Kit





Done at Last

I finally got my new shocks so it was time to reassemble the rear suspension pieces. I did test my welding skills by welding the two notches on each piece along with welding a small piece of steel across the back side of each notch. To my untrained eye it looks good enough for "government work", so I'll keep an eye on it over the first few hundred miles.

Painted up and ready to go. The bottom notch made for the bend by the arrows.
Perfect fit.
Some plastic plugs and Ultra-Black for the old conversion bracket holes.
Make sure you feed the top bolts from the shock side toward the rear.
Here's the bracket on the inner frame rail for the bottom of the brace.
It's finally all back together. The arrows point to where the shock rides about
 1/8" from the bolt head and the bracket. These shocks measured 2" in diameter
 versus my old shocks at 1-7/8". Just another spot I'll have to keep an eye on.