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A Major Problem

As soon as I mentioned in the 6-Pack and British Car Forums that I was installing the Blind Moose conversion, I began to hear about a concern that people had with the kit. Specifically that the mount itself put significant stress on the old lever mount and fame member.

These are the old lever shock mounting holes that the kit re-uses.
Here's the brace installed in the old shock mounts. It's easy to see how you've now
hung a big old 12" tall lever on what is not a very strong looking section of frame.

I emailed my friend Herman and asked him about the concerns I'd been hearing. He called and told me how after developing the kit an autocross friend of his installed it, went racing and quickly broke the old mounting point right off of the frame. Evidently the new mount would move back and forth and in and out exerting more force than the old mount could handle.

This is a broken mount using a conversion very similar to the Blind Moose kit.

Herman's solution was a very simple brace that he installed on all of his Triumphs and has worked perfectly through many years and tens of thousands of miles of use. And Herman's mile are mostly LONG distance miles..... as in coast to coast miles.

This is Herman's car with the added brace

OK..... so we obviously need a brace...but first is the new bracket