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NOTE: In case you missed this before, it's worth repeating again.

Before ordering the kit, talk to Herman about the type of pressure plate you have or plan on buying. Herman normally supplies a flat faced throw out bearing which will only work with a bent finger pressure plate. Most TR6's have flat finger pressure plates which require a curved face throw out bearing. To make it even more confusing, Borg & Beck makes both kinds of pressure plates. Bent finger pressure plates are very obvious in that the ends of the fingers have a very definite bend to them as seen in the picture below. That's my brand new Sachs Pressure Plate below right. Yes.....I've got the wrong throw out bearing which Herman is swapping out for me. In the meantime I'm set back two weeks which I'll use for doing some more cleaning of the car and painting parts.

NOTE: The curved faced T/O bearing that Herman sent failed immediately and leaked while bleeding the clutch. After discussing options with Herman, we decided to go with his Bent Finger Pressure Plate and the new Quarter Master T/O bearing that he has been testing. I sent Herman the bad T/O bearing and he confirmed that it would not hold any pressure at all.

Bent Finger Pressure Plate Flat Finger Pressure Plate
Flat Faced TO Bearing goes with PP above Curved Faced TO Bearing goes with PP above

It's time to get the engine ready for the new tranny. I had the flywheel re-surfaced and then the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate all balanced. While those pieces were out at the shop I installed new front and rear seals on the engine as well as new gaskets for the timing cover, rear oil seal housing and the oil pan. You can read more about that in the engine section. The flywheel is back on the car so now it's time for the clutch and pressure plate.

This input shaft bushing will eventually go on the end of the tranny input shaft...but first....
Wrap a little tape around the end of the clutch alignment tool and push the shaft bushing on.
Depending on the year of your car, this pilot bushing may go in the crankshaft or in the flywheel.
No confusion on which side of the clutch this is! Clutch with the alignment tool in place
Pressure Plate and flywheel are indexed during
the balancing, so make sure they line up.
Pressure plate & Clutch all attached.
What are these for? And these?

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