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5 Speed Kit Assembly

A lot of the assembly work can be done on your workbench. There's a bunch of stuff you can test fit and a few things you can put on before installing the tranny in the car.

Test Fit Stuff

There's a rubber baffle/gasket that is located under the shifter housing on your Toyota 5 speed. You may want to re-use it or buy a new one form your local Toyota dealer. The part number is 33143-22020 and the washers are now built right in to the new ones. Once you have the baffle, you'll need to cut it to fit your Triumph. DO NOT permanently attach any of this to the transmission at this time. Just test fit everything for now. . DO NOT add tranny fluid before the tranny is in the car as you may find all your fluid running out the rear flange area. You want to install the tranny in the car and then fill it with fluid through this top housing. Once the fluid is in the tranny, follow Herman's directions for installing the various shifter housing pieces with blue or red Loctite.

The area in the yellow lines need to be cut out. Here it is, all done
Adapter Plug goes here Adapter Block on top of plug
Set Screw on side of block Allen bolt secures adapter block to plug

Next up is the Triumph shifter and assorted parts that you've saved from the removal from your car. Hopefully, when you removed the shifter you didn't lose any parts, especially the little spring and ball at the very end of the shifter.

Here's all the pieces except for one bolt that I need to take off of the tranny bracket.
The little spring and metal piece fit in here
Herman's nylon ball presses on Don't forget the spring & metal piece

REMEMBER: You're just test fitting components at this point, so don't use any Loctite on anything. So now let's see how the old Triumph shifter fits in a Toyota 5 speed. The fun part will be your first test run of the shifter through all the gears!

Put the shifter housing on. The shifter end with the nylon ball goes in that little hole.
Shifter in adapter cover. the two bolts go into a slot in the shifter and have a groove that the
cover twists on to.
Spring goes in narrow side down Cap surface will get a little grease later on
Cap twists on and locks with one bolt. Put tranny in neutral & it's easier to get the hex bolt in.
Shift it to 3rd & 5th and it'll probably hit. Shave some away until you get extra clearance.

Now remove all of these pieces and store them until you install the tranny in your car.

Throw Out Bearing and Bell Housing is next.