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Transmission Meets Engine.......again!

There's been a lot of references to "we" throughout this project so it's time to meet the other half of the heavy lifting team. Al Gary lives about 20 miles away and has made about 5 or 6 trips down to help me out.............I needed a gear head to hold my hand and Al was the guy. You can see Al's sweet ride here and here's the man himself!

Al Gary & his tri-carb TR6!

Enough about Al......let's get back to me! We did this assembly once already when the engine was out of the car. We got it all mated up and then installed the engine and tranny as a unit. Bled the clutch, pumped the pedal and watched brake fluid drip from the bottom of the bell housing due to a bad t/o bearing. But this time everything has been tested so we know there won't be any leaks.

We really do nice work...... slide right in & bolted right up. Too bad we had to pull the tranny
a week later when the t/o bearing sprung a leak!

Attaching the tranny to the engine when everything is out of the car is pretty easy to accomplish. Doing it when then engine is already in the car can be a bit tricky to get it all lined up correctly. I've heard horror stories of people warping their brand new clutch by hanging the tranny nose on the clutch while lining it all up. And you don't discover that problem until you're back on the road. I had read about various techniques and decided to make up some 3" guides to support the tranny while we worked it in place. I had some 5/16" bolts that were 4" long and had a nice long shoulder on them. I cut the heads off and then cut a screwdriver slot in the end,

Oops..... brush a little grease on the tranny spline Remember these? 3" of smooth shoulder
Here's where they went Top one screws in
The bottom two are bolted in place. Once you get the tranny up against the nut, you remove the nut
behind the backing plate and then unscrew the bolt from the nut between the plate & the tranny.

It was kind of scary how easily the tranny slide into place. We had a bottle jack supporting the engine and my differential jack supporting the tranny. I got to lie under the car and guide it while Al Gary (my new best TR6 friend) worked from above. We had the tranny in 5th gear so he could turn the rear flange and feel for the nose slipping into the clutch. The bolts I had made up did a great job of supporting all the weight as we maneuvered it into place. We locked it together with a few bolts, removed the jacks, removed my support bolts and installed the rest of the bell housing and starter bolts.

Finishing the tranny...............