60th Birthday - Winter Work - '07 & '08





Exhaust Modification

This goes under the "I wish I knew then what I know now" category. On a '75 TR6, there's an exhaust hanger bracket that attaches directly to the rear of the stock transmission's rear mount. When you install the Toyota 5 speed you don't have this to attach the bracket to anymore. So it's time to improvise!

What a grimy, oily, filthy mess this is! That's the old tranny up
 top . The bottom yellow arrow shows the bracket that you can't
use anymore. The top arrow shows the attachment point

So I had to improvise a little to get a nice secure mounting point for the pipe's support. The U shaped piece of metal is the stock bottom piece. Above the pipes, in the left photo, is a piece of 3/16" steel bar that I had  lying around and then there's the 5/16" threaded rod that goes through it all. The threaded rod then goes through the bottom of the original rear tranny bracket that you re-use with the conversion kit. Getting that Nyloc nut on the rod was a challenge requiring two people and an assortment of wrenches and jam nuts. Basically, I jammed 2 nuts together on the rod and while my wife tried to hold the Nyloc nut steady, I attempted to thread the rod through the steel bar, into the tranny mount, catch the nut and screw a sufficient length of rod into it. If I knew this before attaching the tranny to the rear mount, it would have been very simple to just drop the threaded rod in from the top. Regardless, it makes for a real solid support for the pipes.

Yellow arrow is tranny bracket, orange is the metal bar,
blue is the threaded rod and green is the stock bracket.