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Sunday at the Show

Sunday at The British Invasion is quite different from any other show you'll attend. are all lined up by color: red, white, green, blue and mixed. So a red TR6 is parked between a red Healey and a red Aston Martin. And Red is, by far, the most popular color. Then they have the victory lap parade by all of the show winners from Saturday. The back seat driving contest is always fun as the driver is blindfolded while the passenger tells him which way to turn to navigate a course.

Oh..............and then there was the German invasion..........when about 30 Porsche's descended on the field!

But the highlight of the day is the Picnic Basket Competition where people dress in theme appropriate outfits while serving up food from their cars. It may sound hokey and stuffy but they really put a lot of effort into this as you'll see from these pictures.

And these guys showed up with a VW Buggy Convertible...... they have a bunch of them on the east coast

And last but not least.......The local Porsche Club showed up with about 30 cars ranging from very old to brand new. All I have is this one not very good picture!

That's it for the Saturday Show..... now the Car Corral..... more