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Saturday at the Show - Part 1

I've got close to 300 pictures to post and my focus, as usual, was on the rare, different and/or unusual car. We all know what a TR6 or an MG or a Jag look like but how often do you get to see a 2010 Morgan Aero Super Sport or a 1948 Lea Francis Sport? So in no particular order are a whole bunch of pages with nothing but British cars.

When Rick Patton starts his supercharged TR6, heads pop up looking for the source of the sound and then they flock to his car.


Check out the Allard owners name......... this is actually a new car that is registered as a 1953
A new addition to the Kitterage Collection. He brought a bunch of his Morgan's, a few Roll's and a Jag for the Concours Judging. First up is your basic $200,000 limited production car with a placard written with a Sharpie! From the back we thought it was the Batmobile! In case you didn't know, this all started when a young Michael Kitterage made his mother a candle for Mother's Day.......the first candle for Yankee Candle.
This next car has been at the Pebble Beach Concours and ended up winning this Concours. The attention to detail was amazing and gave me an appreciation for the quality of a Pebble Beach car.
There were four TR6's in the concours but they didn't win anything this year. The green one took 2nd last year.

This Healey was 100% un-restored and was in amazingly good condition. There should be awards for a Preservation Class.

I love this guy........every once in a while he'd start the bike up and ride it around the show field.
Meet Betty of Betty & Gil..... she's in the spirit with her outfit from her head to her toes! You actually see a lot of this at the show.
How about a couple of LBC's pulling a trailer........ I saw four at the show but only got pictures of two.
And now we know what the other hitch on the trailer was for......... the umbrella stand

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