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End Link Bracket

Making the brackets was fairly easy.........finding the metal I needed was a little harder. But more on that later.

I knew I wanted to span two of the bolts that secure the lower control arm to the spring pan but the spring pan has a lip on it that would need a spacer to fill the gap.

The spring pan bottom that needed a filler The smaller piece filled the space with 2
washers taking up the remaining gap
The pieces stacked together with room for
the End Link washers.
Mounted on the spring pan

The steel for the filler was easy to find as most hardware stores carry a variety of metal bars. In this case I used 3/16" thick x 2" wide. But I needed a 3" wide piece to accommodate the 1-1/2" washers on the End Links and I couldn't find that anywhere. What made it even more frustrating was that I only needed two 5" pieces or one 10" piece. I stopped at welding shop and they mentioned that Logan Steel has a Bargain Tent. I've been driving by Logan Steel for probably 30 years but this was my first visit. I told the guy what I was looking for and he said I had two options: pull a new piece and it would cost about $30 or go to the Bargain Tent and find it for $2.00 per pound. I opted for the tent. Much to my surprise it was about the size of a 6 car garage and everything was organized by size and type. Right inside the door I found two 1/4" x 3" x 6" pieces. Total cost was $2.00! A lot cheaper then the $13.00 I paid at Home Depot for the 3' piece used for the filler.

Back home I made a paper template of the bottom side of the spring pan which I kept to straight lines for ease of cutting. I cut the spacers with a cutting wheel on my angle grinder and then "fine tuned" the fit with a grinding wheel. The bracket itself was simply the two straight cuts on each corner that you can see. You can also see that the hole for the End Link is positioned off center as that's where it hit the bracket when I test fitted to determine the hole location. A lucky location, as it gave me two different mounting options.

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