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The British Invasion
Sept 18 - 21, 2008
Stowe Vermont

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Two very nice three wheel Morgans. And they were driven on to the show field.
A little different engine in this Morgan............a Rover V8 with four 2 barrel carbs.
This 1948 MG TC won the Concours d' Elegance. I overheard the
owner telling someone that he'll never drive the car except to get it
on to the show field at the events he goes to. He takes his joy by
restoring and looking at the result.
Keep the horse away from the MG TC!
And I thought Singer only made sewing machines! They had 6 cars at the show.
A green Beauty Different green beauty..............1948 Singer 9 Roadster
Custom metal work done here. A very cool 1936 Le Mans Speed Special
The Le Mans' engine bay complete with tool kit........ and yes it is stored right there on that shelf.

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