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New Dash

December 14, 1997

The dash is all back together and everything fits and works just fine. Started the car up for the first time in 3 weeks and all gages worked with no problems. Tested all the lights and heater controls with same results. The only problem is two dash lights (one by the ignition switch and one under the glove box) that refuse to go out. There's obviously a ground somewhere, maybe a pinched wire, that's keeping the circuit on. But that troubleshooting will have to wait for another day. DUH....... actually Double DUH.... why do we always look for the complicated answer instead of the obvious one? After having no success in getting these two lights to turn off, I posted a "help notice" to the Triumph Email list. I knew the doors activated the lights and didn't really want to tear those switches apart so I was looking for divine guidance. Thankfully it came from one fellow who said his 72 TR6 also had a pull switch mounted in the dash support console. Well so does mine, only the console isn't re-installed yet and the switch was tucked up out of the way behind the dash. Go out to the car, reach under the dash, grab the switch and "click"... problem solved.

December 14, 1997
Before After

New dash top, new crash pads and a "not authentic" dash finish. For all the Triumph owners hooked on authenticity, here's what's different so far: burlwood finish (I like this look better), gages aren't recessed (I like this look better), glove box button isn't at a 15 degree angle (I like this look better), glove box has a magnetic catch (it works better)..... as you've probably surmised, I'm doing this for me and what I like.

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