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No More Dash!

November 27, 1997

The gages are out and the wood fascia was removed undamaged. I found out why the dashboard light rheostat doesn't work.... they was nothing hooked up to it. There weren't even any unconnected wires behind the dash, but there was evidence of someone "working" there at one time. The only casualty was the rheostat knob which everyone told me to carefully pry off.... but would probably end up breaking it off. They were right. There are however lots, and I mean lots, of wires connecting gages, switches, lights etc.. every one of which has been carefully labeled and documented. In some cases I even took pictures with the digital camera. Removing the glove box required disconnecting the heater ducts which are all pretty brittle and may get replaced. Next up is refinishing the wood dash fascia and removing the dash supports.

November 28, 1997

Dash support, switch plinth, radio, crash pads..... all gone. No one told me the dash top wrapped around under the scuttle assembly! Loosened up the metal fascia and let it drop and inch or so to gain access to the material wrapped over the dash face and under the scuttle assembly. But still have about half the top left to remove. Most of the heater vent hoses are brittle and broken, so now's the time to replace them too. PEP Boys has an excellent fexible hose that sells for about half the LBC catalog prices.

November 28, 1997

Would you believe...... these are only about half of the wires! Every one has two labels and they're tied off by group: speedometer, tachometer, fuel gage etc.. In addition I have a notebook full of little drawings and tons of sandwich bags full of nuts and bolts with labels noting where they came from. Things came apart easier than I expected.... nothing broke or was rusted in place. Hope it goes back together as "easily".

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