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Me taking pictures of them taking pictures!

Craig and Matt showed up about 1:00 PM on election day and spent about 3 hours taking hundreds of pictures of car at my house and at Lyman Orchards. Lyman Orchards sits on 1100 acres and is about 10 miles from my house with sections of it sit atop a huge hill that overlooks the orchards in one direction and the "mountains/hills" of Connecticut in another direction. There's a narrow two lane road that winds up the hill and was a great place to take action and still pictures.

But first it was picture time at my house.

Craig gets down and dirty for the picture
Craig still down and Matt is up Double team
Check Engine Light picture made the issue One of the engine bay made it too

Then we were off to Lyman Orchard and Craig got to drive.

Get the tires clean Real clean
Different angles from the front
And even more of the front - high and low
And even lower! Low rear shot
and a high shot A little more angle

So after hundreds of pictures we ended up with the Cover, a six page article and 19 accompanying pictures. There's my 15 minutes of fame.