British Invasion 2014


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A very cool car with matching bike
Umbrella attaches to the rear bumper
Should be in a World War 1 movie
The Best in Show..... sits high enough to be a 4x4
The Queen Mum and an attendant
Perfectly dressed for a British car show

Some beautiful Land Rovers... High Meadow Farm in Putney VT had 3 perfect Land Rovers from 1957 and 1964.... License plates were HMF1, HMF2 and HMF3

This one was a custom job a little bigger than a golf cart

Our favorite people...... The Maine Gang.... Rick & Teena Patton, Dave & Patti Friedlander, Ezra & Kathryn Friedlander, Aaron Copley, Vicki Hart and John & Janice Seigel. All of our TR6's are TBI powered by Patton Machine.

And two Birthday's to celebrate with a pizza party