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VTR Autocross

The autocross was held in the Lockheed long term parking lot (remember that) and the weather Gods were smiling on us again. The threat of rain hung in the air all day and didn't come until about 5 PM when the autocross ended. And when it came it did so in Valley Forge style with torrential intensity. Do they run autocross in the rain?

The high point for me was watching the modified guys with the sticky tires and tuned suspensions run. But wait.....did someone just say Richard Good........as in Good Parts.com Good? As in super slick performance parts? Yup, Richard was there with his tricked out green TR6 (the same one as on his web site). Actually, in just looking at the car, the only difference you'd notice was that the car sat lower on sticky tires. When he popped the hood you did get to see the triple carbs and ram air induction system but other then that the rest of the Good Parts' goodies remained unseen. So, the car looked good, the man himself was driving it BUT can he autocross.......um.....ah... oh yea he can go fast and go smooth. A nice exhaust rumble and no squealing of tires when he corners. The car just stays flat ...... under acceleration ..... flat .... under cornering ...... flat. Flat and fast. How fast? This was a very tight and technical course and the fast modified guys were turning in 50's to 51 second times. Richard did 49.8 to take home the trophy courtesy of VTR Autocross chairman Rick Rock (what a great name!) who took himself and his TVR Vixen out of the running despite posting the fastest time.

I have a few pictures below but for a complete pictorial of VTR 2007 check out Clark W. Nicholls web site as he was the official photographer.

A 1932 Southern Cross at an Autocross? A tiger striped TR6?
A Honda and Pick Up Truck surrounded by hay bales? Honey, I parked the car in the long term lot at work while on my business trip so what could possibly happen to it? Oops Lined up and ready to roll and no that isn't blue sky you see.
Our new friend Liz Reynolds from Houston. This car was also a winner in the judged show on Saturday. The tiger roars.....but had a little trouble staying between the right cones at first.
VTR autocross Chairman, Rick Rock in his very fast TVR Vixen had the fastest time, but just running for fun. Looks like I take a left turn here.........
Yup, he ran and finished all his runs between the cones!