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For a few years now I've lusted after a set of VTO Wheels. They have a few different styles for the TR6 and I wanted the four spoke model. Originally the four spoke design was called the Retro 4 and only came in black and silver............neither of which I wanted. Then this year I noticed the LeMans collection that came with grey spokes against a silver rim............and I wanted them! I was going to email Hap at the ACME Speed Shop but I kept putting it off as too expensive and frivolous a purchase. And then two things happened that had to be a........... sign..........from the LBC gods!  I started making Fender Blankets at $50 each and sold 50 of them in 3 months netting myself a nice profit.......... and I made up a set of Interior Panels for a real nice fellow named Barry Knickerbocker. When Barry's panels were done, I asked him where to email the Paypal invoice and he gave me a VTO.Com email address........... turned out Barry owns VTO wheels! How could I not buy a set.

Almost forgot..........my old alloys weighed in at 17 lbs 2 oz and the VTO wheels are 14 lbs 6 oz. Between the Wilwood calipers and the new wheels I've removed a bit of weight from the car.


You can always tell something about a company by the care they take in packaging their product..........I got two of these boxes.

And there were two more boxes in the big box.

Extra cardboard on the lip side of the wheel.

Red arrow points to a plastic ring and blue arrow to the "hair net". The whole wheel was in that plastic bag on the floor by the red arrow.

Take the "hair net" off and there's foam under it.

Finally I get to see what the wheel really looks like.

VTO Engraved in the rim.

The backside is also nicely finished.

Based on my tires, which were new, we settled on 15x6 rims. I could have had 15x7 too.

Old wheels in the background will be up for sale soon.

The center cap with the VTO logo. It's an adhesive backed logo.

Four lug nuts and a metal/chrome valve stem complete the package.

I like the look a lot.

I've had the alloy drums for years now but you couldn't really see them behind the old wheels.

And they show off my new Wilwood calipers perfectly!

One minor problem was a broken cap on one of the lug nuts..........Tammy at VTO is sending me a replacement.