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Every Labor Day weekend, Lime Rock Race Track hosts 4 days of racing and a car show. The vintage racing is held on Friday, Saturday and Monday with Sunday reserved for the car show. Lime Rock never races on Sunday and, in fact, no race engines can even be started on a Sunday............something about noise. What's great about Sunday is that the 1.5 mile track is turned over to show cars broken out in the usual and unusual categories.

What always amazes me is the quality of race car and show car along with their historical significance. Anyone can register and show their car on the track but you get selected to be in the "special" section on the main straight. There had to be 10's of millions of dollars worth of cars.

I spent the first 90 minutes just touring the two paddock areas in complete awe of the race cars and the 18 wheelers that brought them there. You've got to be rich to compete at this level.

The Race Cars in the Paddock Area

The parking lot is a show unto itself.......these two were in the lot
Never heard of the car make but I like the plumbing and the price is reduced!
Donovan Restorations & Racing out of Lenox MA had a fleet of XKE's to race
One of only two Allard Coupes ever made.............and he races it!
A slew of old MG's set up to race
What the heck is this on the front of the MG................
No Tube Shock conversion kit on this MG
A few really old and HUGE race cars.
A little pit maintenance
Ummmm...... spare tires maybe?
This guy's a winner even if he's forgetful & has to leave notes everywhere.......
The red Healey has spent its entire life as a race car.
Not your typical race car..........a Saab, a Pinto, a Fairlady & a Fiat
Fill her up...........

And here's the show pictures of the cars on the track..............