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Building a Better Mousetrap??

There's a number of options out there for adding a console between the two seats that range from an original Amco (if you can find and afford one)  to the Amco reproductions that Triumph Consoles make at over $500 with all options to the $20 JC Whitney generic console. A post to the 6-pack Forum revealed that a few guys have made their own.

Dave Harris is building his car around this leather covered beauty
So it's an MG.....but Terry Schulte made a beauty
Ken Hiebert actually welded the thing together before covering it.

After seeing their work, I figured I'd tackle one on my own. I knew I had the carpentry skills along with some 3/8" plywood and a lot of leather & foam from my interior panel work. The only actual cash outlay ended up being for a 12" piano hinge.

So...........let's start building............more here.