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I've always considered this to be the best British Car Show in the Northeast with 700-800 British cars of all vintages in attendance. The venue is spectacular with views of Mt Mansfield as a backdrop. Stowe village itself is right out of the 60's with food and lodging typical of what you'd find in a ski town. It's a four day event with most taking part in the final three days. It's the only show I've ever attended that had a complimentary cocktail party on Friday afternoon and Beatles tribute band performing on Main St Friday evening. Main street is turned into a pedestrian way with the streets lined with British cars. Saturday is the typical show field participant's choice along with a separate judged concours event. Sunday is turned over to fun events where you park your car by color or can take part in the backseat driver course where the blindfolded driver is guides through a course by the backseat driver. For the diehards, there's even a tailgate event where people dress up in British costume, decorate their cars and serve era relevant food.

Can anybody identify this Ford British car?
Got to have a sense of humor
Now these are some serious whitewalls
Yes.... this Magenta TR6 had flashing color changing LEDs under the car
All you can eat!
And yes we had our picture taken with the Queen Mum
I think I counted 6 TR250's and two had Surrey Tops. This was my favorite.

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