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The Friday Night Block Party

The British Invasion in Stowe Vermont is a solid 3 day celebration of all British cars old and new. On a typical Saturday show field day, you will find over 600 cars from all over the northeast, Canada and even Virginia........... imagine driving a 3 wheeler from Richmond Virginia to Stowe Vermont!

We didn't get there early enough to do the Lake Champlain drive and lunch but we did hook up with the Maine Gang (Rick & Teena Patton, Dave & Patti Friedlander, Aaron Cropley and his girlfriend Kim) during registration on the show field. Part of the registration package are drink coupons and some great appetizers. Only show I've ever been to that gives you "free" food & drink...........but this is their 21st consecutive year and they do a pretty good job of running a show this size.

Main Street in Stowe Village is closed to just LBC's starting at about 6:30........ so we got there early and found the street already filled and cars lined up on all the side streets. Every year people catch on that you have to get there early to get a parking spot............and the early gets earlier every year! It's a great atmosphere and gives people a chance to see a hundred or more cars for free. At 7:00 PM a 70's type rock band started playing and continued until about 9:00 PM. However.... it was COLD.....not cold like February cold but in the 40's.

The Maine Gang and 2 Canadians

My wife Jeanne on the right talking to Patti Friedlander........ probably about where to go shopping......

Two streets full of cars that couldn't get onto Main Street

Yup.............Sherlock was there and brought his bullet ridden '62 Morgan...... and a couple of changes of outfits...err.....costumes........

Not Sherlock's Morgan but a real beauty..........and a 3 wheeler!

Those springs are, at the most, 1.5" in diameter.......... and look at where the speedometer cable hooks up.

Not only is the engine mounted on the outside of and in front of the car, but the valve stems and springs are also exposed........ when he starts it up you can see them going up and down like crazy......and I wonder how that spark plug works in the rain...

A very patriotic TR3
How many Brits does it take to maneuver a Healey into position?

A 1947 Bentley Special with the turning radius of bus! It was very interesting watching him park this monster.

Beautiful detail work
There's a story behind the name but I missed it.
The car is massive......
Beautifully restored....
Now that's a gas cap!
He didn't open the hood until Saturday on the show field.
More detail work on the hood straps and the exhaust pipe was wrapped in.......rope!
You need the step to get in this car.

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