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The British Invasion
Sept 18 - 21, 2008
Stowe Vermont

Some of you may recall that last year's British Invasion was three days of perfect weather and one day of constant rain that turned the field into a muddy bog with cars stuck everywhere. Well.........the God's were smiling on us this year and provided four days of sunny, cool crisp Vermont days. This is the one time of the year that I get to hook up with the Maine gang, Rick Patton, Aaron Cropley and now Dave Friedlander. Rick is the "father" of a Throttle Body Injection kit for our Triumphs and for two years Aaron was the only car at the show with his kit. Last year I made it two cars and with Dave's restoration complete we had three TBI powered cars which attracted a fair share of attention. Much to our delight, Dave's beautiful 12 year restoration took 2nd in it's class, beating 19 of 20 late model TR6. At a show like this, originality is usually rewarded, as it should, but Dave's car is so nice that he took second even with the TBI conversion staring you in the face.

The pictures can't capture the beautiful flakes in his paint job.

There's no hiding his TBI conversion with those covers!
Even the engine bay sparkled. Dave & Patti......... thrilled with a trophy from his 1st ever show

Whenever I go to a show I like to take pictures of the "unusual"......... things and cars you don't get to see everyday or even at every show. This year was no exception, but with over 600 cars in attendance, I know I missed a few. I even had to break the pictures up over 6 pages so make sure you use the page links  to see all the pictures:  Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 Page 4, Page 5 , Page 6

This is a 1955 Morris Minor Traveller from Greenville, NC and it was driven all the way to VT pulling the single wheel trailer. It's hard
to see all the old wood products in the roof rack: skis, snowshoes etc. The license plate said "WAS A TRE"

Take a look at the engine and you can see why it cruises so easily at
 highway speeds.

A 1965 Austin Mini Moke complete with 2 car seats for the
young'uns. Don't worry, they only drove from the motel that way.

A 1968 Mini Pick Up Only 1 Horsepower but...... nice sword!

Stan Foster telling his wife that he really meant to charge the
battery for the camera before coming to the show.

So I took a picture of Stan's triple Webers for him. BTW.....Stan's
wife owned the car when he met her. Good move Stan!

Nice TR6....with a twist Do you prefer V8 power? This is a real nice installation

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