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The highlight of my year is attending The British Invasion in Stowe Vermont. This show is considered the largest all British Car Show in the Eastern United States and with over 600 cars in attendance.  This is not just a classic car show. It is a British Car Show....... so the 2010 Morgan Aero will be parked next to the 50's vintage Morgan. However, the vast majority of the cars are of the classic nature. This is a 4 day event but most folks arrive on Friday for registration and the cocktail hour. Your registration package includes two drink coupons that you can use with the excellent free appetizers they provide.

I usually drive up I-91 to exit 6 in Vermont and then hop on to scenic route 100 (always considered one of  the top driving roads in the country) for the last 100 miles to Stowe. Route 100 is a great road with switchbacks, sweepers, increasing radius and off camber turns. Unfortunately it's also full of wavy, bumpy, irregular pavement that throws your car all over the place and tests your suspension to the max. Judging by the thunk I'm hearing from the back of the car, I'm guessing that it loosened my exhaust which is now banging against the frame under the right bumpy conditions. Just another thing to add to my winter project list.

For years now I've been meaning to stop at this tribute to our troops that's just south of Waitsfield VT. It's located near the entrance to a private school but I don't know who's responsible for maintaining it. The first year I saw it, there were maybe 100 flags.

One flag for each soldier lost

On Friday night the main street of Stowe is turned over to British cars and a British rock group. I think this is the 3rd year they've done this and it's gotten bigger every year. We got there about 6:15 and grabbed the last 4 parking spots on Main St. After that they started parking cars on one of the side streets. There were easily 100 cars in attendance.

My car next to Rick Patton's car

Aaron Cropley and Dave Friedlander parked side by side

Looking Up & Down Main St

About 30 more cars were on a side street

Including this guy who actually pulled a pop-up camper onto the show field earlier in the day with his XKE

Nice craftsmanship but a little over the top for my taste

And this is what everyone showed up to see...........

Not them...............these guys

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