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My Original Shock Conversion Kit

Blind Moose?!? What next..... Nearsighted Panda? This conversion design was created by Herman Van den Akker of Toyota 5 speed conversion fame about 5 years ago. The idea behind the design was to support modern tube shock absorbers and to re-use the existing lever shock mounting holes. At some point Herman decided to hand off production to Blind Moose Fabrication and got out of the shock conversion business. Hence the Blind Moose name.

So why did I decide to do this conversion? Well, there were to reasons: first I had a real squeaky shock that would moan and groan as it went up and down and two....people on the various forums were looking at my existing conversion and telling me that it was a poor design that could rip out. I always go for safety first so at $135 the Blind Moose conversion seemed like a good idea.

But first...............what was the condition of my original conversion? What badness hide behind those "poorly designed" mounting plates?

This conversion and the shocks have been on the car for about 11 years
I was being told that the sheet metal would behind the bracket would rip or tear
Here's the inner bracket by the gas tank
Here's the two brackets off of the car
Everything is perfect from the round holes to the unblemished sheet metal

So it sure looks like all the naysayers and negative comments about this conversion were wrong. It sure still looks perfect to me! But I've got the Blind Moose kit and new shocks are "in the mail" so it's time to move on.

The Blind Moose Kit is next.