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Six-Tech Manuals

Leonard Renkenberger has worked to prepare a complete set of manuals with additional information that is very valuable to the TR-6 Community.  I have been asked, along with Paul Rego, to host these files in a downloadable format (Adobe PDF) on our respective sites.  What you see listed below describes each section of the manual as well as the supplements and complete versions.

An introduction from Len:

"SIX TECH was written in the early days of the TR6.  When written, it was centered on the daily driver, hence my newsletter column "Keeping it on the Road".  As the cars aged and came to that fork in the road leading to parts car or preservation, the demand for it diminished.  Printing volume and cost became prohibitive.  Having recently been made aware of the 6-Pack Forum, I responded to a post, advising the writer that the answer and drawing were in my SIX TECH if he could borrow a copy from someone.  This lead to Jim Matos suggesting, and volunteering to manage, the project.  The printer still had a copy and Jim took off with the project, enlisting the expertise and help of Paul Rego and Bob Danielson.  Thanks to considerable work by the three and Paul and Bob's websites, SIX TECH is now available to all. "

These files range in size from 1 MB to 36.5 MB so please be patient with the download and only download the files that you require.

We ask that you abide by the copyright notices in each manual and respect the authors work and efforts in providing the Triumph community quality material for reference utilizing their own time and expenses.

For Internet Explorer users right click on the file and select “Save Target As” to save the file locally on your computer.

For Firefox users right click on the file and select “Save Link As” to save file locally on your computer.

This will help to speed up the download if it doesn't have to appear in a PDF Reader first.

This is the complete manual and supplement in two documents. All the individual sections listed below are included in these two documents. Depending on your internet connection, a 36 MB file can take 30 minutes or 5 hours to download and some ISPs limit download size and data transfer.

NOTE: These two files can ONLY be downloaded by following the right click directions detailed above. The must be saved directly to your hard drive first or you may receive an error message.

Complete Manual (35.8 MB)

Supplement to Complete Manual (16.2 MB)

Hub Manual (5.5 MB)

These are the individual sections broken out by topic covered.

Title and Index (1.8 MB)

Body A (2.7 MB)

Body B (1.3 MB)

Body C (3.0 MB)

Body D (1.0 MB)

Carbs (4.4 MB)

Clutch (2.7 MB)

Differential (2.8 MB)

Electrical A (2.2 MB)

Electrical B (1.8 MB)

Engine (3.9 MB)

Front End A (2.5 MB)

Front End B (3.5 MB)

Ignition (1.3 MB)

Rear Hubs (2.2 MB)

Rear Suspension (1.4 MB)

Safety (1.1 MB)

Supplement A (3.9 MB)

Supplement B (5.2 MB)

Supplement C (2.5 MB)

Supplement D (4.7 MB)