Don Watson's TR6 Conversion to Rear Disk Brakes

Mail List member Don Watson has come up with a way to convert the rear brakes of a TR6 to discs. Below is the text of his email as well as pictures of the conversion. Contact him directly is you're interested in doing this conversion.

I have completed my TR6 rear disc brake conversion. I had a CNC Machine shop in Columbus, OH cut my caliper brackets out of =" steel. To keep cost down I ordered extra sets hoping that others might want to follow suit and not go through the engineering progress on their own. The brackets were designed on a CAD system, modified through test fittings in aluminum and then CNC out of steel.

My design incorporates an e-brake, keeps the spring location, and keeps a gas shock modification with very minor modifications using simple hand tools. 

The system fit very nice under the swing arm, clearing all obstacles for mounting and arm movement. Only a small quarter size round out is needed for service access to one mounting bolt head. (See pictures attached slide 1) The e-brake cable can be sources from LOKAR. (U cut to fit) 

Once you have the brackets, you will need to source the disc brake calipers, rotors, misc brake lines and hardware like (12) 2" studs.(to replace stuck studs, too short with the bracket). I don't want to go into the parts business. 

The brackets are designed for 1987 Nissan Maxima rear disc brake calipers w/hardware w/e-brake, and the rotors are 1984-94 Nissan 240sx. There are other Nissan models that used the same type of caliper like the 200sx, Stanza, 240sx, Maxima, and some 280zx, but be careful as Nissan changed systems all through the model lines. The e-brake cable can be sources from LOKAR. (U cut to fit)

If you have modified to a coil over system or don't care about the e-brake, the brackets will rotate and flip around for a top mount towards the rear of the swing arm. (See attached picture slide 2, black is steel version)

The bracket set (2 brackets) are priced to cover cost only, priced at $160.00, plus shipping costs. (I painted fat black to slow down rust) (I'll include how to Power Point with links to suggested resources) (Also disclaimer). 

For questions contact

Slide Set 1

Slide Set 2

Slide Set 3

Slide Set 4

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