Conversion to Electric Fuel Pump - June 2006

My car was running great after having my carbs rebuilt but then it started to develop a hesitation of sorts. It wasn't a miss, it was more like it was running out of gas. Then I noticed that my fuel filter was always about empty after going for a drive but after the car sat for an hour or two it would fill about 3/4 with fuel. A vacuum test showed the fuel pump pressure to be marginal and a little erratic. I decided it was time to upgrade to an electric fuel pump. Based on many recommendations, I settled on the Facet Fuel Pump and found the best price at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. Heck, if the pump is reliable enough for a plane at 10,000 feet it's good enough for me cruising on the ground. I was also told by the guys on the Triumph Mail List that the Zenith carbs run best at 1.5 PSI so a regulator was required. I ended up with a Holley # HLY-12-804 from Summit Racing. Now that I had the pump and regulator I figured the tough part was done....wrong! I needed fittings and filters and hoses and clamps and fuel line.

Fuel line coming out of the tank is 5/16" OD

Fuel line going to the carbs is 1/4" OD

Regulator needs one fitting 3/8" NPT thread with a 5/16" hose barb and another at 3/8" NPT thread with a 1/4" hose barb.

Fuel Pump needs a filter with 1/4" NPT one one end and a 5/16" barb on the other.

More pictures to come but I wanted to share the blanking plate problem with you. I ordered from Moss, 3 fuel pump gaskets and their blanking plate # 460-095 for a TR6. All I had to do was look at the gasket and their plate to know it wouldn't work. I learned from the Mail List that Frank Fisher had previously done a production run of plates for the 4 cylinder TR engine. I emailed Frank and he asked that I send him a gasket and he'd produce a plate for me. Once we had a good fit, he'd do a TR6 run of plates. As you can see from the pictures below he got the fit right.......the first time! You'll also notice that his plate is 1/4" aluminum so there's no worry of rust or deformity. If you want one of Frank's blanking plates for either the 4 or 6 cylinder TRs, you can email him at