Wiper Motor Cleaning & Lube


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Windshield Wiper Motor
Lube & Paint

Remove motor hold down strap and swing to side. Remove the four 1/4" bolts holding the cover plate in place and remove plate.
Next, you need to remove the clip on the right and lift the connecting arm out.
Needle nose pliers got the clip off & then I very gently "pried" the arm off with a screwdriver. Don't lose the very thin washers under the clip and under the arm.
Once the arm is off you need to get the cable connection out of the base.
Just loosen the big nut 3/4" nut and lift the whole assembly up & out.

Now that it's out, I cleaned it up and painted it with Eastwood's self-etching primer, detailed gray and clear coat.

Really Dirty
After using brake cleaner & Total Paint Prep product
A few coats of Eastwood's Self-Etching Primer
A couple of coats of their Detailed Silver Paint.