Rear Bumper Spacing


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I removed the bumper over-riders about 10 years ago after having the bumpers re-chromed. I really didn't mind the look but I couldn't bring myself to installing those beat up scarred things on my nice new chrome. After removing them I discovers a huge weight savings. The only "problem" had was with the spacing at the rear so that the bumper side pieces lined up with the body holes. My very inelegant solution was to use a 1/2" thick block of wood painted silver! It worked quite well until I recently learned that a spacer wasn't needed. Paul Rego informed in the 6-Pack Forum that the bumper side pieces have a sliding caged nut that gives about 1/2" of range. The nut is frequently frozen in place so people, like me, miss that it's moveable. So here's how I fixed it.

Here's the wood car is dirty!
The side bumper with the caged nut all the way left.........
and slide to the right............DUH
I had some high density closed cell foam that I used as a buffer between the bumper bracket and the car body. I used a hollow punch to knock out a mounting hole.
Then some double sided tape to hold the foam in place.

Don't forget to turn the mounting stud down as far as it will go so you can tighten the bumper down without any spacers. I also slobber copper anti-seize on the studs as well as the bolts that hold the side bumpers on.

Here's the thickness difference between the wood and the foam.
And back on the car. If the foam is too obvious for you, just use a thin rubber wahser.