Winter 2007- 2008


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Grill Restoration....of sorts

The design of the TR6 grill is one of those moments of......"what the heck were they thinking when they designed this"? Basically the outside frame is metal dipped in plastic. Not a bad idea unless a gap develops between the metal and the plastic in which case it traps water and lots of rust happens. I've noticed over the years the plastic coating coming loose at the sides and with the radiator and engine out of the car what better time to remove the grill and see what kind of repairs can be made.

The top of the frame is in perfect shape while the water collection areas are all rust.


Lots of rust on the sides pieces

Is that brass solder?

Right now my plan is to use some of the black POR-15 that I have left over from the painting of the Nissan differential. That was my first experience with this paint and the results were terrific. I'm not going to worry about the missing chunk out of the side as there's really nothing I can do about it. My goal here is to stop any further rust.

POR-15 Tip: If you put the can top back on the POR can, chances are you will never get it off again unless........................put some Saran Wrap between the can and the lid. It really works.

The POR-15 worked great and the frame looks as good as can be expected considering its condition.