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This is one of those projects that my wife likes to call....... Done In A Day! And it only cost me $2.27 at Home Depot. And if you have a friend who wants to do the same thing, you can split the cost as there's enough product to make two! What's the last TR6 project you did for $1.13?? I've always wanted to cover the lower grill opening but couldn't find the right material to use i.e. diamond pattern, flexible and cheap. Everything I came across was the really  heavy duty stuff that some folks use as a grill replacement that makes your car look like a Bentley. Then one of the guys in The 6-Pack Forum posted that he had found the cheap solution that was as close as your nearest Lowe's or Home Depot.

BTW...... if you've never visited or browsed through the 6-Pack Forum, you're missing out on the best source for help and information about the TR250 & TR6 out there. It's free to join the Forum, so check it out!

So what is this magic material that I used? Hint: You probably have to live where there are Deciduous  trees to find this product.

Lowe's sells them packaged for $10 while Home Depot lets you buy single ones for $2.27............

It measures 6" x 36" and comes curved which worked out great..........
And it comes with two clips that ended up being perfect for my use......
Figure it out? It's aluminum cutter guard to keep leaves out of the gutter
The clips fit right over the lower valance (?) to hold it in place at the bottom.

I cut it in half as 6" x 18" is all you need. The masking tape on the ends was used for alignment and won't be seen once installed. The blue tape I used to locate the holes I had to drill.

The grill goes in with the curved ends away from the front and clips on to the bottom of the valance. Then I used some cord to pull the top edge in against the car. Holes were drilled where the arrows are pointing and then I used an awl to poke a hole in the tape to mark where I had to put a washer.

I also marked the clips with tape so I could get the grill positioned correctly after I removed it for the next step.

There's the hole from the awl.
On the back side I placed a washer over the hole.....
And tapped it in place.........

This is the side that goes against the car. Once I put the grill back in car, I used a pop rivet with a 1/2" grip to grab the washer and secure it in place. If my radiator shroud was removed I would have used a nut & bolt but I didn't feel like pulling the shroud off of the car.

Here's what it looks like installed. Those rivets are 1/8" with a 1/2" grip and a 1/4" head. I may or may not hit them with some touch up paint. No rivets on the bottom as the clips hold that firmly in place.