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I first came across Frank Fisher a few years ago when I was converting my car to an electric fuel pump. I had bought a blanking plate to cover the mechanical pump hole from Moss and it didn't fit. I posted my problem to the Triumph Mail List and Frank responded that he made a blanking plate that was a perfect fit. And he was right. That's when I found out that Frank also does custom work in addition to a few Triumph related items that he produces. I was going through a carb rebuild and found the cardboard template supplied for setting the float height to be totally inadequate so I suggested to Frank that he make one out of aluminum and he did. So, shown below are a few of Frank's products. You can contact him directly via email.
The First cut at the Float Tool. A prototype  on a carb drawing that's actual size.

The Prototype on an actual carb. See how it spans the floats and rests on the carb body

The Final Product with the minimum and maximum heights

The Fuel Pump Blanking Plate

Full Color Wiring Diagrams

My latest acquisition from Frank came about when I asked him what other items he makes and his wheel spacers got my attention as they're made specifically for each model Triumph. I've been using a generic spacer ever since I installed my Panasports as they'd rub the upper control arm at full lock. The generic ones work OK but you have to be very exact in getting them centered on the hub or the car will drive as if the tires aren't balanced.........i.e. lots of shimmy! Ask me how I know.

Here's the generic Pep Boys Spacer.

Pep Boys vs. Frank

Perfect Fit! Frank's media blaster was down or they'd be real shiny.