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Dual Fender Blanket & Single Fender Blanket

Fits TR4, TR5, TR250 & TR6
and now.....
MGB's - all years, all versions

It may fit a wide variety of cars so
 check the measurements posted here.......

As of September 1st, 2019 the price is:
$70 plus shipping for the two (2) covers.

Just email me here....... >>more info

Before using your fender blanket, you should run your hands all over the blanket to check for anything that you feel could damage your paint. You should also take any precautions you deem necessary to protect your paint prior to using the blanket.  This blanket is made of 100% polyester with a mat filling made from recycled materials. The blanket foundation is made in the USA and I then cut out the various pieces, do my sewing and reassemble the components into the complete fender blanket so the whole thing is Made in the USA!

The blanket color will vary depending on supplier being used.

TR250 & TR6 and maybe TR4?

A one piece blanket that covers both fenders and the windshield
with a vinyl lined & divided tool pocket

Key areas are reinforced with heavy duty vinyl & slit for a proper fit. The slit lets the cover slide behind the carbs.........

On the other side it fits behind the M/C.......
And wraps around the hood prop..........
There's 12" covering the inner fender and tucks in behind the hinge...........
I've also included a vinyl lined four pocket tool holder....... tools not included!

And 12" cover the outer fender... You can even tuck the windshield cover into the door for added security.

And 100% Made in the USA
There's also a smaller 32"x45" single fender cover.
Nothing fancy about the edge sewing here.
It's just rolled over and sewn.
It's pretty big so it covers a lot of the car.


The MGB Fender Blanket presented me with more of a problem due to equipment changes made over the years. The hood prop can be in 1 of 3 different locations: telescoping prop on the right or left side and the solid "lift up" prop is on the right side but about 6" forward of the telescoping prop. As near as I could tell, people who converted to gas props used the telescoping prop mounting point and have them on both sides of the car. So that makes 4 different configurations for the hood prop alone. Then there's the radiator location.... with the electric vs mechanical configuration.......that puts them 9" apart. Bottom line is that there are too many configurations to pre-make blankets, so the MGB will be made on a per order basis. The other "problem" with the MGB is the multiple locations for the antennae and the outside mirrors so no provisions have been made for them.

If someone has a couple of MGBs that require a blanket to accommodate the various locations, I can make up a blanket like the one in the pictures below that has multiple cut outs. Those would be priced based on the additional work required.

This is a test blanket that I made up to accommodate all 3 hood prop locations. In this case the car has a right side telescoping prop.

A good view of how the cut outs in the blanket fold around the radiator mounts. On cars with a mechanical fan these would be about 9" back.

Here you can see the hood prop and how the blanket lies around it.... the skinnier cutout to the left would be for a car with a lift up prop.

If the hood prop was on the left side of the car, it would fall right around the brake M/C.

The windshield is protected and there's 4 vinyl lined pockets for holding your tools.