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Fat Mat Sound Deadening Installation

I recently followed a fellow TR6 owners restoration and one of the things he did was install sound deadening mats throughout his car. I had never heard of such a product but a quick Google revealed a number of products used mostly in the custom car audio business to enhance the sound of the stereo system being installed. Dynamat is probably the best known product but it's quite expensive, even on eBay! However, an eBay search did return an equivalent product called Fat Mat at a very reasonable price from an outfit called Kings of Soundproofing. I went for the 18" x 30' roll which weighs in at a little over 20 pounds! That's the downside to the installation, it adds weight. It's simple to install as you can cut it with either scissors or a razor knife. You peel the backing off to reveal a full sheet adhesive covering the mat. It works best at room temperature but you can use a heat gun to work it in colder temperatures. I did this work in my garage, heated by a kerosene bullet heater when the outside temperature was in the 20's and had no problem. The mat was kept and cut to fit in the house. I used my carpet as the template. I plan on covering the door skins which means I'll probably end up replacing the window glass padding felt-like mole-skin stuff that's in the channel. But that part will wait for warmer weather as I want to make sure I get strong adherence to the door skin.

That's my To-Do List taped to the windshield frame.

Rear Deck and one side of Gas Tank covered

Floors done and that's the ECM wiring on the floor for the TBI Conversion

Back side of Rear Deck Panel ready for installation

Time to Fast Forward to June/July when heat guns aren't needed to make the Fat Mat pliable. I have lots of Fat Mat left over so I plan on tackling two areas: Doors and Trunk

I replaced the window channel felt with Velcro. Check out the Window Channel link to see how I did it.

Once I got the doors done, I tackled the trunk which is like one big boom box. I covered the floor and sides with Fat Mat and then the Fat Mat with some cotton backed vinyl purchased from Jo-Ann's.

Here's the trunk all lined - it also does a good job of covering all the dirt!
The bottom is covered in vinyl and needs to be smoothed out a little more.
All done with spare tire back in place.....which only had 20 lbs of air in it!
All that work and not much to see.
And this is what the trunk usually looks like: an old towel to put dirty golf shoes on, 2 towels to cover hot seats, the cockpit cover and 2 jackets for those cool nights when you don't want to put the top up.

So, after about 4 hours work, the trunk looks like the last picture and my wife comes out to see how it all looks............um hon.......all you can see is the top part of the two corners.....and only then if I remove the towels and jackets. Oh well.....I know it's there.