Throttle/Carb Linkage Cleaning


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This is one of those "Done in an hour" projects that reaps huge rewards. Have you ever stepped on the Go Pedal only to have it feel like it's stuck............ so you push a little harder to get past the stuck feeling and off you go. It's such a gradual degradation of response that you just get used to it..........but....... you can get that smooth as silk feeling back in about an hour or less of your time. It's just a matter of disassembling three ball and socket pivot points, cleaning and lubing them.
The arrows point to the three pivot points needing attention

Cotter pins hold the slotted screws in place. The yellow line shows how the cotter pin goes through the housing and the screw slot.

You can either back the screw out just enough to get the ball out of the socket or you can remove it all the way.
Here's the screw removed and the ball exposed.
The removed screw
Brake cleaner and a Q-Tip to clean it all up.
I pack the socket with red wheel bearing grease.
Re-assembled and it squishes out.

Now the hardest part of the process.......... lining up the holes in the housing with the slots in the screw top. I tighten it all the way done and then back the screw off just ewnough to let it freely rotate. AND TEST IT at the gas pedal. It's a very different feeling doing it by hand at the carbs versus with your foot on the gas pedal. Here I'm using an old awl that's left over from my tennis racket stringing days to align the slot. I start with the one at the very bottom and work my way up.

The easiest way to get at the other bottom one is to attach it and then rotate it so that the screw top is pointing up. The top one (red arrows) will get done last after you rotate the fitting 180 degrees.

Now it's just a matter of aligning the holes and the slot and getting that D@#N cotter pin to slide through.
All done and silky smooth...........