Moss Brake Light Pulsar
Part # 162-590


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Last winter (2010/2011) I removed my tail lights, cleaned and painted the reflectors with "chrome" paint to make everything brighter.......... and it worked really well. I've seen motorcycles with a strobe light effect that works with their brake lights to draw attention to them............. but it appears that using that strobe light effect is only legal on motorcycles.

This year Moss sells a Brake Light Pulsar module that wires into the brakes and flashes them three times when you step on the brake pedal..................the effect is the same as if you pumped the brakes three times and then held the pedal down. Not quite as fancy as the strobe effect but effective none the less in drawing attention to the fact that you're stopping............. and the person behind you should stop texting and pay attention!

The module is only about 1.5" x 2" and has three wires.

You could work at the brake switch itself but I decided to work at the brake lights. The single Green/Purple wire comes from the brake switch and the two G/P wires go to the two brake lights.

I removed the single wire from the bullet connector.

And spliced it to the red wire from the module, The black module wire will then go into the bullet connector to feed the two brake lights. The green wire goes to ground.

The module has sticky tape to hold it in place.
A short You Tube video shows how they work...............