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60th Birthday

I got my TR6 as a 50th birthday present to myself and here we are 10 years later.......both of us still going strong.

There are certain advantages to hitting the Big Six O.............the primary one being alive to enjoy it! It sure beats the alternative. And then there's the "special" presents that one deserves at such an advanced age. This winter I'll be undertaking (that's bad word choice.....too close to undertaker) a few major projects that will require stripping the car down of many components.

I'll be removing the: Hood, Radiator, Interior, Exhaust, Drive Shaft, Engine, Transmission and Differential among other things.

I'll be rebuilding the brakes including: Rebuilt Calipers, Kevlar Pads, all new Rear Components, Morgan Rear M/C, Kevlar Shoes, S/S Brake Hose and Rebuilt Servo.

While the engine is out I'm going to chase down and hopefully fix a few leaks and.....oh yea...... attach a Toyota 5 speed to it prior to putting it back in the car. The rear end gets a Nissan differential, Goodparts upgrade kit, Nylatron bushings and Adjustable Trailing Arm Kit.

So to make all this work as easy on my body and bad back as possible, I asked for a few convenience items..... these are some things I've "coveted" for a while but could never justify the cost.

The first item I found at Costco for $89 which is a great price considering that the cheapest I've ever seen it online was $190! I was tempted to buy 3 of them and sell two on eBay.

The Kreepster Stool.......smooth rolling and real comfy

Six Wheels for easy gliding and lots of storage bins for tools and parts.

So now that I have a good place to sit, I needed a comparable place to lay down so what better creeper than the one made by Kreepster. After dropping a few dozen hints along with emailed links to the places with the best price, I'm glad to say that my wife got the "hint". The hardest part about this gift was that it arrived via Fed Ex two weeks before my birthday and I was home to accept delivery. But my wife wouldn't let me open it for almost two weeks. That's sooooo wrong.

Very low slung and with six wheels, two of which have  brakes.
Nice Headrest Side Storage Bins
Fully Adjustable Headrest..... what a difference this sore neck now

The best things about the Kreepster products are their construction quality, lightweight and big wheels for easy rolling.  My old stool and creeper would get stuck if it hit an "oil dry" pebble! What you can't see very well in the pictures is that you lay very very low with your butt about an inch off the ground. Yes they are pricey only hit 60 once.

The last item I came across at the local Pep Boys which is closing shortly. It was marked down from $150 to $70 and may even come down more over the next few weeks, but I have a need for it now as I prep the Toyota 5 speed and the Nissan differential for installation. Heck, it'll even support the engine which at about 450 pounds puts it well under the 600 pound limit. So what is it....................a hydraulic work table.

Four inch wheels with brakes, a foot pump and a squeeze handle to control lowering.
About 8" high fully lowered Almost 30" tall when fully raised

So 50 got me a car, 60 got me some cool toys to make working on the car easier..............I wonder what 70 will bring :-)