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Trailing Arm Jig - The Drill & Tap

Now the fun begins......drilling and tapping. But first a word of caution........wear gloves and  safety glasses as very small aluminum chips will be flying.

I even used an old pair of gloves as I didn't want to wreck my new ones with
 embedded pieces of aluminum. Now would you really want to work bare handed?

Two words: Measure & Tap Oil......OK, that's more then two words but make sure you get a high quality tap oil made for aluminum and measure twice and drill once.

This is what Rick recommended I use, but I wish I got it in an aerosol can to spray
 in the holes. It's a little messy shooting it in with a can

I used my caliper to measure the depth of the existing hole. The KeenSerts require
a minimum depth of 1/2". 

Then transfer the depth to your drill bit and tape it off

As noted previously, Rick has machined this jig to very tight tolerances and I had a little trouble getting my "X" drill to fit in the alignment insert. I figured that the drill bit probably had a burr or two on it so I just grabbed the insert and worked the drill in...........make sure you're wearing gloves as the insert will try to twist if the drill binds. Don't forget the Tap Magic oil for the drilling and tapping! After you drill the three holes, clean out all of the chips before tapping. I used a vacuum and compressed air.......but don't blow any chips into your eyes!

Make sure you have a good grip on the insertion jig in case the drill binds

Tapping is easy when the alignment is perfect.

But these are my nice new threads.... and there is plenty of TA "meat" to drill & tap.

All that's left now is to install the KeenSerts, lock them down and thread in the studs.

Thread them in by hand. No tools required....yet

I used a 5/16" wrench to get them nice and flush with the TA surface. Don't overdo it!

Thread them in until you hit the locking tabs.
The threads should be pretty flush with the TA face.

KeenSert Tool that smacks the locking tabs in place.
A few good hammer whacks does it. You'll hear it when  it's flush.

Tabs all locked down

Now that you've done three of them, thread in the studs you removed before, and back out the three studs that still need to be done. I kept the studs somewhat loose but I don't think it really mattered as there's no free play in the KeenSerts.

When you're all done, here's what it will look like!

Six studs that will not strip!

And here's the brake back on the TA. A perfect fit.

And a test fit of the new upgraded CVJ hubs

These things are beefy :-)

Next Up is my very unscientific strip test of Keen-serts.