Triumph Cup Holder

Jim LeMoine out of Seattle WA contacted me regarding a very simple yet effective cup holder that he came up with for the TR4, TR250 & TR6. Upon receiving it, my first reaction was that I could make one with no problem but upon closer inspection I noticed a couple of unique bends that let it follow the contour of the tranny tunnel. Then there's the bracket that locks it under the support leg and allows for it be used on either the driver or passenger side. It also took Jim a while to just the right bottle holder to give him room to make the needed bends. Not only is it inexpensive and easy to install and remove, (no drilling required and it uses no fasteners), it is secure and will fit all sizes of containers and fits in your glove box when not in use.

So....... sure you could make your own but wouldn't you rather compensate a fellow Triumph owner for coming up with yet another unique idea?  The cup holder is $15.00 and a water bottle with the Triumph logo is $10.00 and that includes shipping.  Drop Jim an email if you're interested.

Here it is installed in Jim's car.

When I went to install it on my car, we ran into a little snag. I have a poly tranny tunnel covered with FatMat, thick carpet underlayment and carpet. After I installed all of that I almost couldn't get my dash support back on. As a result I ended up working the arm up under at the point seen below. The fit is so tight that I can remove his support arm bracket.