Brits by the Sea 2009 (Page 5)

A 1954 Doretti Swallow Roadster - Full Race
Some electronics for a 55 year old car
Bare race interior
And it was for sale too.
Now That's a hood and under it is a ........
A Griffith V8
A 1969 Austin Traveller
or we'd call it a woodie
1928 Carter Sedation Trike with tiller steering.
Yes the motor is in the back
and it is an electric 36V motor.....
A 1936-ish McCormick-Deering Tractor complete with snow plow & hand crank
I love the Land Rover gang..... practical with a sense of humor
You've got to shower when you're in the wild.
Land Rover complete with skeleton who forgot to shower.
Why can't they just park like normal people
TR6-like rear wheel camber ;-)