Brits by the Sea 2009

This has to be the most scenic spot that I've ever been to for a car show. It's held on the grounds of the Harkness Estate (now a State Park) right on Long Island Sound in Waterford CT. The only way to improve the show would be to hold it in the "front yard" which borders the water. This was the 2nd year in a row that we were blessed with perfect weather and close to 400 cars in attendance. Even though the CT MG Club hosts the show it is an all marque show with Lotus being the featured marque this year.

This year, like last year, I made the drive with Bill and Deb Kopf. They have real nice early TR6 complete with Webers and a Ford 5 speed conversion.
On the highway we picked up another TR6 and shortly later a '65 Cobtra, both heading to the show.

As usual I like to take pictures of the real interesting or unusual cars. I mean we all know what a TR6 look like right! So let's start with one that might surprise you :-) a V8 crammed into a TR6 isn't all that unusual except.... this one isn't crammed! Look closely and you'll see.............
Maybe a view from the rear will help......... yup.... that's 11-1/2" of extra TR6 welded in the middle! And it's all sitting on a homemade frame.
The interior is a little rough still..... vise grip instrument holder is no extra charge. And yes it does take two TR6 windshields to make one this big.
And there's the hood that covers the Chevy 350 engine attached to an AT.

Ok..... now for some more normal Triumphs!

TR250 Surrey Top..... I love this car

A very nice TR7 Spyder complete with a....................... can you see it?

Yes.... complete with a spider!

Looks like just another late model TR6 except this is Jeff McGovern's car and...............
I wasn't the only TBI car there..... Jeff also has Rick Patton's conversion

This TR6 had triple Mikunis...... you don't see that ever day.

Let's check out a few of the cooler Lotus' or Lotuses or Lotui??